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Reception Summer Production


Humpty Dumpty

The day started early with queues going around the Quad as parents eagerly awaited the opening and only performance of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to a packed and very excited audience of mums, dads and grandparents…as well as a few talent scouts from the West End!

Reviews were glowing as the critics talked about the upbeat tempo, energy and talent on display in this fast-paced alternative story! This year group have come a very long way in the first year of their Orley Farm journey and both parents and teachers were proud beyond belief. Mr Calvey has already hired Hilal Sheel to chair future staff meetings due to her remarkable authority! Reception, you were amazing and Miss Toyn could not have produced a better start to the summer break. Thank you all, for a wonderful performance that genuinely had tears and laughter as we went on an emotional roller-coaster!

Tim Calvey