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Curiosity killed the cat….


Mr Davies entertained and educated Years 5 -8 on the Mathematical intricacies of The Simpsons this afternoon.  Somehow he managed to include “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, Fermat’s Last Theorem and the urban myth of how Google came to be named. Did you know that between them the writers of The Simpsons have four doctorates, mainly in Mathematics?

Curiously, only a few of us knew of Mr Davies passion for this subject – along with his slightly dodgy taste in music….

Thank you Mr Davies for sharing your knowledge of hidden messages of mathematical genius, all wrapped up in a cartoon!  This afternoon…your message clearly hit the mark as we received the following email…

Dear Orley,

Our son (5R) came home very excited after hearing you speak about Curiosity in Mathematics (“best day ever” in his words). He was really fascinated by what he heard, and enjoyed speaking to you afterwards. Just wanted to say a big thank you for inspiring him, and for going beyond the “curriculum” – it meant a lot to him. 

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Best wishes

A very happy Year 5 parent!