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Full Steam Ahead!


I am delighted to be able to report that Faircloth are now right on track with our extensive and substantial refurbishment plan.  The new dining hall is currently being glazed and should be watertight shortly, allowing the fitting of a very shiny, all-singing, all dancing kitchen.  Aubrey and his team are really excited, as are we about the prospect of eating in this state of the art space that will double as a really useful presentation hall.

As you will see from the photo below, the new Music and Drama Schools had their concrete flooring poured today – a very exciting moment as we get to picture the sheer size of these new spaces.  Over the weekend, builders knocked through to join the old with the new allowing access.  Both of these projects quickly pave the way for our amazing new library that will occupy the old dining hall followed by an entire refit of the 10 classrooms and 2 Science Laboratories in the Gardner building.  I have a significant bet riding with staff that this academic year will see these projects all but complete save a lick of paint…and quite frankly, if it reaches that stage…I’m here with a roller!

We are all so excited and impatient for these fantastic facilities to come online.  However, know that for all the shiny glass and steelwork, we will always be the sum of our staff team with their passion and drive…

Tim Calvey