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There’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’!


My father always said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!  Well, that’s certainly the case with the Headmaster’s Lunches that some of your children have been invited to attend over the coming weeks.  I am starting with all Year 8 pupils and moving on to Year 6 girls as the term unfolds.

The sole aim is to talk through interview and exam preparations in small groups…a working lunch with a bit of ‘bite’!  It is such a privilege to have these conversations as they are a revelation and more importantly they tap into the underlying maturity and empathy that they all hold for one another.  Ideas that came out of today were introducing ‘study buddies’, to support each other through the hard times and ‘study sessions’ after school to allow older pupils to work through their prep at school so that when they get home, they can be on home time…we will introduce trials of these ideas going forwards.

Staff are invited to join these groups but they too, have to bring something to the party; advice has to be worthy before doughnuts are dispensed…and I would add that Miss Beg earned her doughnut where others failed…with ‘Work hard…play hard!’

Tim Calvey