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Thinking Skills


Last academic year, Orley Farm staff came together in three twilight sessions with Jane Simister to distil the essence of our educational experience.  We identified ten core ‘thinking skills’, with the single aim of ensuring that all pupils, parents and staff are equipped for the lifetime of learning that lies ahead…yes it applies to all of us, not just children!

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…’

I fear that North West London has become a little obsessed with the need to pass exams at the expense of everything else.  The culture of tutoring children to within an inch of their lives prompted us to seek something new that will embody the ‘Orley Farm Way’ and ensure that we deliver on our promise that OFS pupils are equipped for a lifetime of learning.  We throw this in for parents and staff for free…!

Give a child an answer and they can pass a test; give a child their own ‘Thinking Skills’ and they’ll learn for a lifetime…


Our ‘Thinking Skill’ for this half of term is Curiosity.  Teachers will be promoting this aptitude and delivering lessons that provoke, stimulate and inspire curiosity.  One simple suggestion for you as parents in supporting this is to ask open ended questions and questions that have no right or wrong answer…simply curiosity to explore and ask more…Enjoy!

Tim Calvey