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Domestic skills…get serious!


I was very privileged to be invited to lead an aspect of our new ‘Edge Programme’ which I delivered this afternoon for the first time to a remarkably eager group of Year 6 pupils.  When choosing my topic, I pondered long and hard, as to what lifeskill I should impart.  Embarrassing as it is for me to admit, my mother took me to one side prior to heading into the big bad world, and taught me 2 life skills that my entire education had failed to deliver over the previous 18 years…cooking a decent Spaghetti Bolognese (I was told that I wouldn’t find a suitable partner if I couldn’t cook!) and ironing my shirts (I was told that I wouldn’t keep that partner if I couldn’t iron!).

So, as cooking was already being covered by the expert Mrs Love and Mr Adams, ironing it had to be…I was rather staggered at the precision and speed with which my captive audience took to this labour intensive task…minutes later 24 shirts hung neatly steam-pressed…and they wanted more!  So I would recommend that the Sunday pile of ironing be delegated to the skilled and able.  However, I would check the going rates…as Hanno declared that he would be charging £5 an item…

Tim Calvey

Chief Press / Head of Ironing