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Failure & Success…an amazing message


Upper School staff run Wednesday assemblies each fortnight that are invariably thought-provoking and alternative but always entertaining!  However, last week, Jack Dhillon saw me and asked whether he could lead an assembly as he really liked our current theme of ‘failure’.  Mr Bloom kindly offered his Wednesday slot and today we were treated to a quite outstanding presentation that pulled together events from ‘The Great British Bakeoff’…I was very impressed with the number of pupils and staff who had been drawn into the story of Iain’s Baked Alaska scandal…and the unveiling of Jack’s own Four Point Plan to overcome ‘failure’.

As I say, Jack had all of us enthralled, not only by the narrative and meticulous planning that took us on quite a journey but also by his own passion and presence that was clearly evident.  I was so impressed that I want to post his assembly on our intranet and I would encourage everyone to take a little time to watch and read through his PP…I only wish that we had videoed his presentation…

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Tim Calvey