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A visit from our MP!


As part of our Edge Programme, we are always looking at ways to bring in new experiences to the lives of our pupils.  We wrote to Gareth Thomas MP (Harrow West) to invite him to see our ‘Edge Programme’ and to then take a Q&A session with our senior pupils.

On our tour he was offered a warm egg freshly laid in the ‘egglu’, advice about how to mend a puncture on a bike, the sniff of a cheese omelette (nobody in Yr8 offered to share a mouthful of their cheesy creations!), advice about maximising rental income from the ‘financial maths team’, how to put someone in the recovery position in first aid, how to take action photos and finally, how to present well when public speaking in ESB preparation.  And all this in 30 minutes of touring the school…what more can you want and all well worth taking up to Parliament!

Mr Thomas then took 20 minutes of grueling questions about what an MP does, how they make a difference, the hours that they work, how they vote on legislation, what motivates someone to go into politics and how many times he has been on TV…I suspect that Mr Thomas now knows what it might be like to be PM at question time!  I know that Mr Thomas is a busy man and I would like to thank him for his time as many of our pupils did at the end of his visit.

Tim Calvey