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David Bailey…eat your heart out!


The beauty of being a Head is that you get to do the fun stuff…a gap appeared in our ‘Edge’ programme this week and I was invited to step in to talk ‘apertures’ and ‘shutter speeds’ with a group of budding Year 8 photographers!  We recently purchased some SLR cameras to ensure that the next generation learn the limitations of an iPhone as a camera and the boundless creativity that can be unlocked with a little understanding about controlling light, composition and depth of field…the results were amazing!  Our Year 8 pupils have achieved more in 5 weeks with Mr Ravasse than I managed before taking my Art degree at the age of 20…many moons ago!

Having seen the results in photo books that have returned fresh off the press from Apple, I am inclined to say that we will need to host an Exhibition before the end of the year…trust me…they are breathtaking!  Mr Ravasse, thank you for letting me take this session, it was the highlight of my day…

Tim Calvey