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Mock Exams…


Seeing 120 desks coming out of storage and into the Gym and St. George’s Hall always raises anxiety levels, even for teachers!  The moment that the clock is hung on a whiteboard and ‘start’ and ‘end’ times are added, you know that it is the start of assessment week.  Year 6 and Year 8 pupils filed into the exam halls this morning with contained excitement!  However, the moment that papers were turned over pens and pencils started to fly across pages and the relief that this had now started was palpable.

I am always impressed with the mental preparation that relatively young pupils have to make in this modern era of constant assessment and levelling that was not as prevalent years ago.  I invigilated the Year 6 Maths paper and I was really impressed with the way that 60+ pupils settled, read the papers and used their time wisely, even checking through without having to be reminded.  We are building generations of young people to deal with changing times.  I have no doubt that the week ahead will provide ample opportunities to repair mistakes, consolidate and build the necessary confidence to face the pending 11+ (girls) and 13+ (boys & girls) entrance exams that will follow.

Tim Calvey