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The Christmas Fair…A Winter Wonderland


Today was simply amazing!  The younger members of the OFS community literally had faces that told a story of magic as they made their way to Santa’s Grotto.  The older ones may have shown their excitement in different ways…the wearing of very cool Christmas jumpers impressed me no end…proving that ‘cool’ is a question of confidence!  The children’s stalls in the Hall were so creative and catered for all needs…I managed to have my face painted and dropped into the ‘Nail Bar’ to have my fingernails glittered in school colours…a tattoo and hair colouring were bridges too far, maybe next year!?!

However, I am sure that everyone will realise that events like this never simply ‘happen’…and when I walked through the dining hall yesterday, I was blown away by the numbers of parents who gave up their time on ‘Black Friday’ to make this come together.  A huge congratulations and thank you must go to the OFA for bringing us together on a glorious afternoon to share what we have in common…our children!

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Tim Calvey