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Beanbag Cheer!


Today’s nominations included pupils from Year 3 through to Year 8 as both staff and other pupils wanted to recognise good behaviour, acts of kindness, encouragement and time generously given in unselfish ways.

Devan (Year 7) displayed exemplary behaviour when he handed in a stray pound coin found in the changing rooms.  This small act of honesty has huge implications and is exactly what we expect of our pupils.  Well done Devan, the charity box is now rattling a little more thanks to your actions.

As always not everyone has managed to be captured by my lens – life is sometimes just too busy at Orley Farm, but all who were cheered are equally valued whether captured on film or not!

As it was an especially busy week of performances and charity fund raising, all those who represented the school by either; giving their time to run a stall at the Christmas Fair, performing in the Year 3 & 4 production or excelling themselves in the Upper School Concert were given a very special round of applause.  By the time they were all standing over 80% of the Middle and Upper School were congratulated and thanked for their efforts.

A good week – well done everybody.  Now let’s focus on the equally important skills of kindness and care for others as we bring the term to a close.

Nicola Mitchell