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Christmas Fair Stalls!


Saturday morning and the Sports Hall was alive and buzzing.  The excitement from the entrepreneurs was clear to see, feel and hear! The hustle and bustle from the children as they set up their own stalls to help raise money for their chosen charities was great to see.  Dedication and commitment saw the children’s initial idea come to life.  The stalls were well-manned with the children stepping in and covering each other so they still had time to spend their well-earned pocket money supporting other stalls.

I would like to say a massive Thank- you and well done to all the pupils that took part.  Together you all helped to raise £1,343.14 for a variety of different charities.  Together you all really did make a BIG difference and one that you should feel extremely proud of.  All of your efforts will be displayed on the PA’s board in the playground, do take a look!

Natalie Hehir