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Reception Nativity


I am very proud that we represent, by modern times, an increasing minority of schools that acknowledge this season as an important part of the Christian faith, through continuing to put on a Nativity play.  I would add that whilst some schools are choosing to marginalise Religious Education, we will keep it as an essential aspect of our curriculum in order to strive for greater empathy and understanding between the many faiths that create the wonderful diversity found in this vibrant part of London!

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Reception truly introduced the Advent season and set up the pending holiday as one of love and understanding towards all…they brought reality to the story with such warmth, that I suspect one or two tissues might have been necessary!  It is amazing to see children so young, standing so proud to deliver lines and verses with such confidence.  I would say that the ‘Orley Way’ that we hold in such high regard starts with this event that encapsulates the journey that Reception have already started.  Congratulations to them all for an outstanding performance!  I would like to wish all of the children, parents and staff in Reception a very happy and restful Christmas break with family and friends.

Tim Calvey