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Year 2 go back in time!


Boy! Girl! Do not smile, no praise, No talking! Yes ma’am, Good morning Headmaster! Victorian Day in Year Two started off with a finger nail and hair inspection, closely followed by ‘Drill’ and then ‘the 3 R’s’. It was one of the quietest days I have ever experienced in Pre-Prep. Strict teachers using the cane, the Dunce Hat, writing on slates and rote learning, really gave the children a taster of what it was like in school many years ago. Amazingly, it was the teachers who found it more difficult to keep in role all day long. Whilst it was a fabulous experience for the children, I must say I prefer the smiles, laughter and buzzing chatter of our modern day children at Orley. See our photo gallery for more pictures of the day. Miss S Mowle