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Beanbag Cheer! Week 2


At the very end of last term there was a knock on my office door and a Year 8 pupil appeared.  Often Year 8 pupils arrive at my office for interview practice or scheduled appointments – it is not often they arrive unannounced.  However I was delighted to receive this visitor, on the busiest of days, to share some good news.

I was bowled over by Gabriel who had come to nominate a Year 4 pupil for a Beanbag Cheer.  The fact he had taken the time to ensure that an act of kindness did not go unrecognised was a wonderful act of reciprocal generosity and it is truly what makes Orley Farm special… Thank you to both pupils.

Other equally worthy nominations this week included exemplary and unselfish behaviour whilst visiting the West End.  Helpful and supportive attitudes to new pupils and staff and bravery on the rugby pitch as the pupils demonstrated excellent risk-taking and good judgement as they toppled the opposition.

A final nomination was for another Year 8 who, without prompting, offered to talk to all three Year 5 classes about the virtues and importance of studying Latin.  Another wonderful example of risk-taking (our theme for this half-term) that has certainly paid off.  Year 5 are inspired and Mr Cato was impressed.  Thank you Jack.

An excellent variety of reasons and a wonderful way to end our first full week back.  Well done to all.

Nicola Mitchell