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Food for thought….


…seems to have been the theme this week.  It started with a wonderful assembly by 2L based around the cookery programme “Ready, Steady, Cook!”  It is a while since I watched this particular show but the theme tune certainly brought back memories.  2L entertained and informed Pre-Prep, and their parents, with their knowledge of food groups, traditional fare and some wonderful accents.  It made me hungry watching them…

Fortunately today is Edge day…and it has become the custom that the Cookery group ensure I get to taste their creations.  I can vouch for their tasty salads, omlettes (made with our own fresh eggs), delicious orange pancakes and today’s offering stir fry.  It was with glee that Year 8 and Mr Adams handed the plate over…the chillies, fortunately for me, were tasty rather than overpowering although I believe one poor soul may have bitten off more than they could cope with!

The Dining Room is always buzzing with noise and chatter and, as we focus on our simple aim for next week: to be kind and helpful, it was reassuring to see children helping each other with trays and older pupils and staff sitting with younger friends encouraging them to eat healthily and enjoy each others’ company.

The coming Quiz Night should provide plenty of opportunity for more eating, drinking and fun.  Thank you for the recommendations for the bar that I have received…Mr Comer and I are looking forward to trialing some recipes and raising further funds for Keech.

After all this food I am off to enjoy watching everyone training for the cycle ride…I am pretty sure it will help with my fitness levels?!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Nicola Mitchell