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Paris Peddlers need your Pounds…!


At the end of last term Ceri Davies invited the pupils to write letters suggesting suitable charities for us to support as a school and why?  There were some very compelling letters but following the death of his terminally ill foster brother, Tom Mitchell’s very personal note stood out.  Keech offers respite care and end of life care to sick children and our plan is to raise £2500 in order to purchase items of play equipment that will enhance their facilities considerably for children staying in the unit.

In a moment of complete madness, Mr Davies challenged the staff to volunteer for a Cycle ride from Orley Farm School, leaving on the last day of this term to…wait for it…Paris.  We hopefully (!) will arrive under the Eiffel Tower on Monday 30th March.  The teachers attempting this challenge are Mr. Davies, Mr Gavin Ryan, Mr. Perry, Mrs Harrison, Mr. Cato and saddle willing, myself.  Mrs. Mitchell will provide the food, drinks & encouragement as part of the Support Team…as well as plasters for blisters and sympathy from the open window of her air-conditioned 4×4!  If you can offer the riders any tips, I am sure that we will be grateful!

We hope that you will support this Hospice and Cycle ride over the forthcoming term and we have set up a Virgin Giving web page. Please do donate if you can. The link is:

There will be regular updates and personal diary accounts posted over the coming 10 weeks as an aging staff team share their dreams and fears in the run-up to this adventure!

 Tim Calvey