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Beanbag Cheer – Creativity starts here…


It is amazing how quickly the children impress us each week and, once again, on their return from half -term they are firing on all cylinders.

Creativity is our theme for these coming few weeks and it does not always have to be in the obvious forms of the Arts.  This week the children were commended for their contribution to our staff assembly theme of Failure.  A very competitive game of “Yes / No” had me hooked on Wednesday and I think I managed, despite some excellent efforts, to explain that I did in fact have all my own teeth and indeed they had been brushed.  A good effort though Year 8, you reflected well on the positives of endeavour.

Further recognition ranged from excellent work preparation, kindness to others, helpful actions and taking a risk, a continuation of our previous skill.

Well done to you all and I look forward seeing this quote in action;

“Creativity is contageous, pass it on” Albert Einstein

Nicola Mitchell