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Critical advice…essential for growth!


This afternoon Middle School and parents were captivated and enthralled by 27 recitals that were simply outstanding on so many levels.  From the sheer complexity to the subtlety and understanding that was on display, there was emotion and there was humour, pace and timing…I was knocked out!  Add to this, the ‘risk-taking’ involved in being so exposed, it really was an afternoon of challenge.  I looked at the vast expanse of stage as each pupil climbed the stairs and I was quite moved by their ability to turn to a vast audience and simply fill the space.

However, what really struck me about this process was not the winning…it was the extraordinary feedback that Philip Rosenthal, Head of English at Westminster School, gave to each and every pupil.  I have no doubt that these words will live long in the memories of the 27 children who took this brave step and will undoubtedly help them to be even better public speakers.  I cannot thank Philip enough for giving up his time.  I know that it is a trip down memory lane for him to return but it is also a significant commitment.

Congratulations to all 27 finalists as well as the 9 pupils who played short musical interludes, that made it an outstanding afternoon!

Tim Calvey