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Edge…connections that beat screen time!


I was deeply moved and impressed today as I was privileged to join the Year 8 Edge team who visit St. Peter’s church.  Our Year 8’s walked in to applause from the lunch group who attend St. Peter’s on a Friday afternoon.  Our pupils introduced themselves and then sat down to a session of ‘chat’ about life and the universe with a wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen who had such interesting stories to share.

This has been running since September and the benefits are extraordinary.  I was touched to hear how this group had so enjoyed meeting our pupils and how impressed they were with them and how much they knew about them.  Musical chairs ensured that everyone had a chance to meet each other over the lunch break and over the coming 4 weeks they will play board games, perform, talk, laugh and learn from each other…

…as I was leaving, I was caught by one of the St. Peter’s staff who said that they had prayed for direction for this group some time ago and shortly afterwards Miss Harris had telephoned them with the Orley Farm Edge proposal.  It had brought a new sense of purpose to this group and brought real ‘life learning’ to the lives of our pupils; true mutual benefit.  As I closed the door, I was struck by the importance of this link.  There is so much wisdom, empathy, understanding and respect to be gleaned from these moments.  And thankfully, there will never be an ‘App’ that comes close to touching these experiences!  Thank you Miss Harris and Mr Bloom for the invitation to glimpse something very special…it made my week!

Tim Calvey