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No Pain…No Gain…


Right…it’s time to get a little real…I am not built to physically challenge the world, so when Mr Davies suggested that he and a group of volunteer OFS staff head to Paris…I did not see myself in that group!  Therefore, I am a touch bemused as to how I now appear to be committed to riding to the Eiffel Tower at the end of this term!!!  That is what Eurostar is primarily for…!

Nevertheless, it will be happening and therefore when Mr Perry offered the chance for a paired training session, I took the plunge.  I didn’t realise that this would involve riding nowhere on a bike that was parked outside school!  However, I would like to thank all the pupils and parents who raised our donations to Keech by over £170 in the bucket on the day.  I suspect that some of you might have been making donations for a defibrillator having seen my condition after only 20 minutes of trying to compete with Mr Perry.  The photo tells quite an obvious story…Happy Half Term to all…!

Tim Calvey