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Risky Business – Beanbag Cheer!


The final Risk-Taking Week draws to a close on a half-term that has seen the children take personal, social and academic risks.   I also took a risk in Celebration Assembly and I am delighted to say it paid off!  The children have, as a school, had improved effort grades this term and have had to analyse what it is that motivates them to try their best.  Self-reflection is not always an easy thing!

Today I was delighted to be able to name someone for the first time for positive effort grades.  I hope this will be the first of many.

Included in our Beanbag Cheer nominations were Jordan and Dhillon, last year’s Head of School and Deputy.  They set a fabulous example to all and the children were inspired to see them back today.  Other nominations include bravery and politeness on the rugby pitch, selflessness as glory was given to others, kindness in the face of adversity, basic good manners and helpfulness and running an extra lap to encourage and support peers on a cross country run.

The most touching nomination came for our new Deputy Head of School as another candidate, who just missed out on the post, nominated him for his kindness and compassion as he offered his commiserations.

A wonderful way to end the risk-taking half-term.

Nicola Mitchell