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…and in with the new!


Today was the first day that the Butler Hall opened for business.  Whilst there are still finishing touches to be made, feedback was very positive from all corners of the spectrum.  When asked ‘what do you think…?’

…this is epic!

Alex Greaves Year 2

…sir, there is something missing…a clock…I don’t want to be late for ballet!

Alex Paraskeva Year 5

…the food tasted even better.  I know that this sounds wrong as it’s the same staff…same food…but it really did taste better.  Perhaps the space really does make a difference!

Umesh Dabasia Year 8

I think that we can safely say that the Butler Hall has hit the mark with our restaurant goers!  Well done Aubrey & Team, ‘excellence’ really does come as standard across the board here at Orley Farm!

Tim Calvey