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Beanbag Cheer…


The nominations this week were wide ranging and well deserved.  Small acts of kindness such as lifting a lunch tray onto a shelf for a Year 4 pupil, leaving notes of thanks for the cleaners for looking after the classroom, calmly defusing an argument about who was going to be helpful, kindness in the playground and consideration for others were amongst the reasons given.

In addition, our ‘three musketeers’; Emilie, Beatrice and Rasha were nominated again for their kindness and thoughtfulness towards the younger pupils.  Their constant support and care is an example to all.  Well done girls.

This week also saw thanks for the staff after what has been an incredibly busy week.  The children wanted to nominate Mr Ravasse and Miss Kolinas for implementing the playground shop which has been so successful and has enhanced breaktimes.

The focus for the week ahead is to “treat others as we expect to be treated” and with these fabulous examples I am sure inspiration has been provided.

Nicola Mitchell