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Fanfare…The Butler Hall is having finishing touches applied


The coming week will see us moving into our new dining hall and the attention to detail is quite staggering.  The balcony is being fitted that will overlook the pool, offering a grandstand view, floor lighting is going in to allow us to use the decking area for a little alfresco dining, crockery is being unboxed in all shapes and colours that will allow us to dress food in creative ways…encouraging a little risk-taking with flavours and dishes that we might not have tried before and an audio visual system is being installed to make sure that this is a truly multifunctional space for teaching & learning.

Aubrey has a raft of new appliances to master in the shiniest most sparkling kitchen that I have ever seen!  Before D-Day commences, I would like to wish him and his team ‘good luck’ as they move into an entirely new environment.  We are all really excited about moving into our first ‘new space’ in over a decade.  More news on our three other projects to follow very soon…

Tim Calvey