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Sports Scholarships…


Monday afternoon saw the third time we have run Sports Scholarship testing for pupils transferring from Year 6 to 7. Nine pupils (seven from Orley Farm – Nabil Hassan, Varun Theebaraj, Alex Gabbitas, Aiden Whitham, Arav Patel, James Kenny and Ethan Watson-Mattis, and two external candidates – Raheel Rajabali and Jeran Jeyanthan) were put through their paces by Mr Bloom and Miss Kolinas in an action-packed two and a half hour programme which included the infamous beep test, a fitness circuit, basketball, badminton, football, cricket and informal interviews. Running throughout the afternoon was a spirit of competitiveness and fair play, and congratulations to all those boys who took part and, in a term where we have been encouraging risk-taking, did just that! Regardless of the outcome, which will be announced later in the week, all boys performed and presented excellently making it a thoroughly enjoyable and productive afternoon.

Steve Bloom