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Upper School Verse Speaking Competition


This morning the English Department hosted the finals of our Verse Speaking Competition in St. George’s Hall.  It was fantastic that Kim Johnson, our former Head of English could join us in the unenviable role as adjudicator!  The standard was exceptionally high, as always, and Kim had rather an impossible task as far as I was concerned!  However, positions were as follows:

Year 6 – Dilichi Dieobi (1), Ayesha Ahmed (2), Karissa Patel (3)

Year 7 – Louis Tyrrell (1), Amar Kotecha (2), Niam Vaid (3)

Year 8 – Arjun Banerjee (1), Jack Dhillon (2), Gabriel Chaudhry (3)

This is an incredible event that is open to every pupil.  Congratulations to everyone who made the final and to the musicians who performed.  It was a wonderful display of the ‘value added’ by all of the English teachers to pupils who benefit immeasurably from this experience.  These are the opportunities that shape and define children from a lifetime, and I am very proud that we go so far beyond teaching to exams!

Tim Calvey