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Year 5 Showcase…a rip-roaring success!


Tonight Year 5 performed James and the Giant Peach in a raw showcase setting.  This event is one of my favourites as it represents drama in such a pure format.  It is very much an extension of the day to day lessons that Mrs Gascoigne teaches week on week.  The only difference is that we invite an audience.

The evening started with a treat from our Fab Fives, directed by Miss Toyn, a ‘cabaret’ to get us in the mood…

James and the Giant Peach then unfolded and I was blown away by the pace, projection, energy and even improvisation that we saw from pupils who you could easily mistake for being many years older than they actually are!  Today was the first occasion that the pupils had seen each others acts and seeing their enjoyment was a highlight in itself.  Enjoyment was written on the faces of every member of Year 5 as they played their part in this wonderful evening.  Well done to everyone involved…ambition, creativity and risk-taking were written all over this evening.

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Tim Calvey