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Financial Planning


As part of the EDGE programme Year 8 have a crash course in ‘Money’ related topics.

Last term one task was to learn how much living costs and to help with that they were ‘given’ £1000 and required to find accommodation in Central London and calculate how much it would cost to live there.  They researched the type and amount of the bills they would have to pay – electricity, gas, water, wifi, transport, entertainment, books etc.

They also discover the ramifications of interest rates and look at loan sharks, pay day loans, mortgages and car payments.

As a fun final session they were permitted to play Monopoly and this was done with much enthusiasm.  It was a fabulous way to end the term!

Mrs Chapple was very impressed with this group’s attitude and interest (no pun intended!) to the topic and we hope we are sending out adults of the future with a more informed approach to life.

Nicola Mitchell