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Beanbag Beans!


There were some interesting twists to this week’s nominations… on face value there was recognition for mind-reading, not being overly helpful and looking for vegetables….

Now we all know that school and education is about far more than lessons learnt in classrooms but these did seem a little odd…

It turns out, however, that as part of education about healthy eating Varshan (Year 4) has become a ‘vegetable detective’ in the Butler Hall.  Our younger Middle School pupils appear able to find these colourful and healthy morsels with ease. However, it is evident that some of those in Year 6 and above find them harder to entice onto their plates.  Luckily for them our ‘vegetable detective’ has pointed out the error of their ways and has encouraged a more balanced approach to lunchtimes, thank you!

Alongside this was a nomination for a less helpful approach to life.  Odd? possibly… there is a fine balance to be had in life and a little too much over eager initiative can distract from our core learning objectives.  Finding the right balance is imperative and Leo in Year 3 is now (almost) perfect!

A huge range of helpfulness, consideration, putting others before themselves, humility and apology were also recognised.  Thank you to everyone who has been nominated this term.  These skills will stay with you for life and are vital to ensure that you make the most of your opportunities whilst also ensuring care for those in your community.

As for the mind-reading…. I’m sure they know what I was going to say…

Nicola Mitchell