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Election-Fever comes to Pre Prep


Pre-Prep Politics!

The campaigning is over, the votes are counted and the winner is…

 The Adventure Playground Party

Whilst the entire country has been election crazed over the past few weeks, Year Two have been running their own political parties.

We had the ‘Extra Golden Time Party’; the ‘Longer Playtime Party’; the ‘Adventure Playground Party’; the ‘Outdoor Activities Party’; the ‘Bring in a Toy Party’ and the ‘Craft Afternoon Party’.

The children elected party leaders and deputies – leaders: Ava and Shae; Oliver and Rohan; Arin and Annisa; Neel and Alex; Rahul and Aditya; Euan and Kayden)  Then the campaigning began!  There were hats, badges, stickers, posters, wrist-bands and very well-thought out, convincing speeches outlining their policies.

The Polling Booth opened early Thursday morning and after being signed off the official electoral register, all children in Year 2 placed their anonymous vote into the ballot box.

The winners were announced in Celebration Assembly this morning.  You could have cut the air with a knife as the children waited eagerly for Mr Calvey to open the sealed envelope containing the results!  Tension and excitement was felt throughout the hall…

Mr Calvey was very impressed that the winning party have promised to follow through on their policies (something that real politicians might learn from?!?). Therefore all of Year 2 will have extra time on the Adventure Playground!

All parties did a fabulous job and should be proud of their achievements. Congratulations to every child in Year 2, especially the winning party, ‘Adventure Playground’.

Please take a look at the extra photos in the photo gallery.

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