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Year 8 Narrative Competition blows us away…


Today was that true test of our ‘broad & balanced’ ethos, coupled with aiming for excellence…all on show!  Every Year 8 pupil stepped onto the stage to perform their part in the Year 8 Narrative Competition.  This is following exams, Team matches, duties, music preparation etc etc.

The Mr Bulmer, Head of Drama at John Lyon School came to adjudicate and talked himself of the staggering standard on display.  The lines were tight and fast, delivered with attitude, humour or compassion depending upon the need.  Movement across the stage was slick and whilst there might have been the need for improvisation from time to time, this was only apparent afterwards when the hubbub of excitement let stories out!

All three stories were quite exceptional and how Mr Bulmer settled on one from another…I have no idea.  But I would like to thank Mrs Gascoigne for preparing these performances to such an exceptional level.

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Tim Calvey