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Welcome back to new and old!


This morning we started assembly looking at a photomontage of our leavers from last year, wondering how they are getting on in their respective new schools.  This allowed us to pause and welcome all the new pupils and staff to Orley Farm to ensure that we make everyone feel part of our community as quickly as possible.  This offers me a good opportunity to remind parents of our newly appointed teachers so that you too, can make them feel welcome.

  • Miss Furer, 1F Form Teacher
  • Miss Porter, 1P Form Teacher
  • Mr Jeffrey, 1J Form Teacher & Year Group Coordinator
  • Mrs Beddington, 2G Form Teacher
  • Ms Permanand, Head of Learning Support
  • Mr Donoghue, 5D Form Teacher & Maths specialist
  • Miss Cross, 8W Form Tutor & English specialist
  • Mrs Nyman, Maths specialist
  • Miss Axbey, Girls’ Games specialist
  • Mr Evans, Yr5 & US Music Teacher


Regarding internal changes, can I confirm the following:


  • Mrs Peacock is not returning and I am delighted to announce that Miss Toyn has finally agreed to take over as Director of Music for the fourth time of asking by three different Orley Heads!
  • Mrs Clark returns under her maiden name of Ms Campbell.
  • Mrs Green continues as an English specialist but also takes on the role of Head of Religious Studies.


Tim Calvey