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Harvest Festival Assembly


Our Harvest Festival started with a tour of the world describing where everyday items in our day to day lives come from, to satisfy our wants and desires…rather than needs!  We discovered that perishables sometimes come a very long way just so that we can have an ‘out of season’ taste.  This extended to the clothing in our wardrobes.  Tear fund have introduced an interesting ‘app’ that aims to bring everyday achievable changes into our lives through ‘rhythms’, a set of small and big challenges that enable all of us to think of others, making a difference.

Adam Virani, Hattie Simpson and Anish Kumar all added to this message with personal ideas about how to make a difference.  They all spoke so well with real plans that can and will make a difference…more to follow shortly as Year 5 have some interesting plans in place…!  But a very large ‘Thank You’ to everyone for bringing in fantastic array of produce for our food bank.

Tim Calvey