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Having a ‘Hoot’ of a time in Year One!


On Wednesday 11th November, Year One were given a message from Mr Foxy. As a result of their excellent detective work the previous week, they were to be treated to an Owl Display.

We had the pleasure of meeting two owls – Nelly and Icarus. Nelly is a barn owl, and we watched her be fed, as well as fly across the hall. It was very exciting when she flew right above us! We then met Icarus. Icarus is a long eared owl and was much bigger than Nelly. We learnt that although he has excellent long range vision, his eye sight for close objects is very poor. He couldn’t even see a hand right next to his face!

We really enjoyed our owl display and learnt lots of interesting facts about owls, as well as the importance of looking after them.