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No Pain…No Gain…!


In an age where we as parents might want to remove ‘pain’ from our childrens’ lives, with the best intentions, it is essential that we see beyond to the bigger picture.  Resilience is becoming a rare commodity in the young and therefore I am delighted that today the school pulled on their boots, sucked in some frosty air and pushed through some pain barriers.

I do not want to be flippant here, there was competition and it was fierce, as the House Cup is at stake.  However, all said and done, at the finish line there were slaps on the back and hugs that showed that this was worthwhile.  I know that traditionally, there can be a very long line of children wanting to see the school nurse on days like these…but not at Orley as our children…your children are made of stronger, tougher stuff!  This bodes well for life beyond Orley…

Tim Calvey