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Double Reed Day


On Sunday 29th November, four Orley Farm bassoonists; Deveshu (Y3), Lara G (Y3), Jay (Y6) and I, Arjun (Y6) went to the Guildhall School of Music to participate in an annual gathering of double reed instruments -The Big Double Reed Day. There were over a 150 budding bassoonists and oboists from all over England, as well as many more staff and adults.

The day consisted of many informative workshops such as first aid for reeds, learning about sound control or just having fun experimenting with contemporary techniques. We were also given feedback on our solo pieces and treated to a lunch time concert by professional bassoonists and oboists. The Wells School Double Reed ensemble was really impressive and I enjoyed hearing the baroque bassoon.

To conclude the fantastic day we had a massive concert where all the young musicians came together to play three pieces. It was an amazing feeling to play with so many other musicians. Overall the day was a brilliant experience and a wonderful success.

Arjun R