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West End…eat your heart out…


WOW…what a performance!  I arrived and assumed that this would be a lighthearted and fun Middle School play.  Curtain up, and we started with a scene in an orphanage that saw an argument taking place about hopes and dreams.  I was not the only person to be deeply moved as sharp acting and punchy lines were delivered with real feeling.  The story then unfolded with humour, real wit and presence beyond years…certain individuals owned that stage!  Mrs Gascoigne told me that this play was written for Year 6 pupils and tonight was simply testament to the work and energy that she and Miss Toyn put into preparation that your children thrive on!  Earlier in the week, Pre Prep watched the performance and I was given the following advice:

watch out for the bad fairies…they really are bad because they want to get rid of Christmas

Tonight had something for everyone…congratulations to all of Year 3 & 4, the West End could not have delivered more entertainment!  Thank you to all of the staff for their support behind the scenes and especially Miss Toyn and Mrs Gascoigne.

Tim Calvey