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Making a Difference…with a little pride!


A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a very excited group of Year 5 boys…the conversation bounced around but finally settled on the hot topic of our environment.  Harrison suggested that litter was a sign that suggested a lack of respect and that he was surprised to see so much rubbish in the roads around Orley Farm…out of this came an idea that we could lead the way, set an example, so Mr Peck helped out by ordering some little gadget arms to keep us safe.  Word spread and 10 volunteers put themselves forward with a reserve list of 25 others!!!

This is the best day…

…said Hattie as she plucked discarded baby wipes from the verge on Orley Farm Road…!  There’s a mindset for making the world a better place!

And today, we started to make that difference!  Two fairly large bags returned and analysis from the group suggested from this early first reading of data…that going up the hill leads to more litter!  I will keep you updated on trends but our aim is to make a litter round every fortnight and possibly even get ourselves into South Harrow to show that we don’t just focus on our immediate environment, we will be reaching further…I am proud of Orley Farm pupils!

Tim Calvey