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Year 5 Showcase…


Yesterday rehearsals were going well…but this morning Mrs Gascoigne discovered that her cast was down by 10 and the number was increasing by the minute as pupils were hit by a nasty bug that appears to have reached Orley Farm…

…but the show must go on as they say and Year 5 rose to the challenge, taking on new roles and learning lines to ensure that ‘Fantastic Mister Fox’ would come alive in what is my favourite drama event of the year.  Tonight we were treated to an insight into the expectations that Mrs Gascoigne sets in day to day drama lessons.  Improvisation and a willingness to take risks is what this is all about and quite frankly with 10 pupils away, this would be an amazing test of this year group.  However, there was no need to panic as they rose to the challenge – even leaving the Head of School speechless at the end of the show.  What an entertaining evening and congratulations to all involved!

As if this wasn’t enough, the Fab Fives stepped up and sang ‘When I grow up’ from the musical Matilda that really touched chords in the audience – thank you Miss Toyn for bringing tears to the evening!

There were lessons from tonight that will last a lifetime, well done to all of you, pulling off a show against the odds…!

Tim Calvey