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Year 8 Narrative Poetry


This afternoon we were treated to three very different poems delivered with energy, timing, movement and power by our Year 8 classes as they fought for the honour of lifting the Narrative Poetry Cup 2016.  Mr Jones, Head of Drama at The John Lyons School, was our adjudicator and he had no easy task trying to separate these very different performances.  What our audience possibly failed to realise is that this was put together in hours, as these classes have been preparing for entrance exams, the Upper School Play, matches and the multitude of other commitments they they throw themselves into day after day!

I was genuinely dazzled and mesmerised by the conviction on display.  They knew their parts and appeared to pull scenes together with ease and yet yesterday, we were a very long way from this standard – I know as I walked past St. George’s Hall!  Mr Jones was taken aback when he realised the minimal time spent rehearsing and credit must go to Mrs Gascoigne for setting such high expectations that bring out the best in our senior pupils!  I would like to thank Mr Jones for joining us for the afternoon as he offered real insight to the groups as to where they had been successful as well as where to focus future attention – no easy task!

Tim Calvey