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New with the Old…


On Friday the 10th June 2016 Orley Farm officially completed our most ambitious building project since 1900, opening the Elliott Music & Drama Schools, The Davies’ Library and the fully refurbished Gardner Building, home to the Science, Maths and English departments.

It was such a privilege to have Mr Davies (Headmaster from 1968-1990) and Mr Elliott (Headmaster 1990-2006) attending to open their respective buildings.  As there are no longer any living relatives from the Gardner family, we were fortunate that Sir James Devitt, the great great nephew of Samuel Gardner, was able to attend and formally reopen the Gardner Building.

These buildings are state of the art and represent a decade of planning and vision from my predecessor, Mr Dunning (Headmaster 2006-2013), to whom I am in considerable debt!  I have always said that private schools all too often hide behind fantastic facilities and do not think about the real substance at the heart of any thriving school, the staff.  So I am delighted that these plans were forged around the outstanding teachers who deliver first-rate teaching and learning.

I was privileged to receive the following letters from two former Headmasters:

Dear Colin and Tim,

What a day we had! Many thanks indeed.

I was so pleased to see the library which has, like so much else, been imaginatively developed for the children. After our extensive tour around, with the help of those two stalwart assistants, I had the feeling that  OFS has evolved, rather than radically changed. The aims and direction are the same; the means and facilities are constantly improving. Long may it continue!

Thank you for asking Alison and me along; it was an occasion that I shall cherish  always.

Greetings and congratulations to all concerned.


Good morning Tim

Many thanks for a memorable day last Friday – not only in appreciation of the honour of the Elliott Schools but in sensing a delightful atmosphere and in amazement at the stunning building and refurbishment that has recently taken place. I doubt there is a more attractive Prep School site in the country. You and Colin are very good at reinforcing the distinctive history of Orley Farm School and its place on the London scene.

Thanks again



We are so fortunate to teach and learn in such an outstanding environment.  The heritage in this school is truly inspiring and offers a real sense of legacy that we all must carry forwards in order to live up to the exceptional expectations that were laid down by pioneers in education.

Tim Calvey