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Expedition Week…we climbed and saw a view!


The good news is that everyone is back safe and sound…I hope that there have been tales of happiness and joy and that these outweigh the smelly bag of clothes sitting in the hall at the moment!?!  However, we do say that one of the outcomes from this week is that your children will be that much more independent so I would advise that this is a good point in time to teach your children how to load a washing machine, setting it to at least 60 degrees as mud doesn’t come out at lower temperatures!

All reports are that your children were amazing!  I want to thank them for living out our risk-taking thinking skill in every sense.  I want to also thank all of the staff for living out this trait but also for showing resilience, as you have all been away from your respective families over this time and this is a bog ask of any staff team – thank you!

Tim Calvey