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Beanbag Cheers!


You would think that only three days into the new term we may have struggled for some nominations to celebrate excellent examples of our pupils upholding the School Values.  However, this was clearly not the case this morning.

Once again Orley Farm pupils have demonstrated that their empathy, initiative and good judgement are of equal importance to their academic development.

Supporting new friends to settle into our community, going out of their way to make life easier for others and taking on new challenges were all examples of areas covered this morning. 

‘I can’ is going to be a theme that runs through our Celebration Assemblies this term.  The Paralympic Team members have been dubbed the ‘Superhumans’ but we are all superhumans exploring where our strengths lie and develop areas that may require more input.  I am looking forward to celebrating more success and kindness as the term unfolds.

Nicola Mitchell