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A bitter wind…but our girls kept at it!


This afternoon it was a wonderfully crisp autumn moment and I was delighted to see that whilst Belmont were not in a position to host us due to issues with their pitches, we were able to quickly offer our own as an alternative.  From my office window, it looked like the perfect afternoon to watch our girls competing on the netball pitches so naively I strode down wearing only my suit…how poor that decision proved to be!  Our girls were throwing themselves into every challenge, moving well and making space.  Points were accruing but after 10 minutes I realised that I couldn’t feel my fingers!  At this point I looked with new respect for our girls…the cold meant nothing and they continued to give it their all right up until the final whistle.  Being an Orleyan means that we give our best and make the most of every opportunity.  Today our girls showed the joy that they take in these aspects regardless of adversity – well done girls, your made me proud!

Tim Calvey