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Beanbag Cheer!


As the days become shorter, and the evenings draw in, it can be hard to keep spirits up and energy levels high without the sun to warm us through.

Fortunately though the pupils and staff at Orley Farm always provide us with reasons to celebrate.

Our Thinking Skill for this half-term is Focus. Remembrance Day last week gave the perfect opportunity for the children to demonstrate focus as they behaved impeccably remembering those who have given their lives for others in order for us to live in a peaceful world.

Mr du Plessis received a nomination this week for the support and time he gave to the Year 7 and 8 pupils which allowed them to craft individually named poppies to represent each one of the ex-pupils who died in both World Wars.

Moving forward to modern times our Year 7 pupils have been configuring our Apple Mac computers for Garage Band to enable us to develop our music technology.  The question was posed to Mr Evans after his first lesson with the younger pupils, “Did they behave themselves?”  I am delighted that the senior pupils are taking their studies so seriously and are looking after our new equipment carefully.

The younger pupils were not left out either as following on from a very busy week of Parent Consultations Year 4 pupils tidied away chairs and books in order to get to work as quickly as possible at the start of the day.

Thank you to all our pupils who were nominated this week for your kind and helpful acts.

Mrs Mitchell