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Son et lumière – a whole new experience!


The OFA are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel and if there is ever a body within our community who live out our values as Creative Risk Takers, it is this team!  I want to thank Narinder, Lana, Chetan and Sapna for organising a wonderful evening.  Right from the outset, there was healthy competition with tickets being sold both online as well as in the playground – I half expected to see Chetan still in his shorts selling tickets in order to beat the online office?!?  The main event was fantastic.  Fireworks put to music brought something new and there was a crescendo that left everyone a little shaken!

I was with a number of visitors to Orley Farm who were more than a little surprised that this was a school event.  They were taken aback at the turnout as well as the event itself.  Seeing so many former pupils and parents made this quite an unusual but wonderful social event.  A very big thank you to the team for putting together yet another amazing night out – rumour has it that over a thousand people came together…

…and just to add Resilience to the list, that same team were together the following day to continue planning the next big event…the Christmas Fair…I am in awe of you!

Tim Calvey