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Year 7 Take Thinking Skills to MS….


This morning pupils in Middle School were treated to some punchy drama moments as Year 7 joined them to describe a short story that demonstrated their chosen ‘Thinking Skill’.  Mrs Gascoigne very kindly took up the challenge of using her subject to tell our ‘Thinking Skills’ story in a new and engaging way…whilst also running a full production!  Year 7 were quite simply amazing!  I stood next to Miss Gentles, who taught these pupils not that long ago, and she was speechless!  I have to say, I was expecting a fun and rather raw bit of drama and yet this was highly polished, thoughtful, provocative and really engaging.  I especially loved the way that each group had a Q&A session at the end of each story…

…I fear that I might have to step aside from running my Monday Assemblies as there are pupils who are going to do a better job of this than me!  Thank you to all involved, please do talk to your children about what they saw tonight as I would hope that Yr3&4 pupils will have been made to ‘Think’!

Tim Calvey