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Beanbag Cheer!


The last cheer of the term was a good one today with a huge number of pupils being nominated.

Eashan had asked if he could nominate Miss Toyn for organising a wonderful Christmas Concert and, as luck would have it, the nomination was reciprocated as Miss Toyn gave credit to him for gaining a place in the London Youth Wind Band and Nayan, his younger brother, a place in the National Children’s Orchestra – under 10s, both playing the trumpet.

Students who have run a Drama Club, pupils who have support Maths Workshops and those who have given up their time to make our school neat and tidy ready for performances and celebrations were amongst the reasons given today.

Ethan in Year 8 has provided extra support for a younger pupil this term and has taken his role seriously and responsibly. This role modelling has clearly set the standard as Yuvraj in Year 3 was amongst others who were seen helping their peers in the playground this week.

So many acts of kindness and thoughtfulness take place each and every day in at Orley Farm and, just because they are not all recognised with a cheer, does not mean they go unnoticed.
Staff offering to do extra duties to ensure parents could watch the concert and the Year 8 pupils fetching chairs to help set the room up are all examples of everyday consideration for others.

As our final focus for the last week of term the children have been asked to consider the following: If you can’t be kind be quiet.  Hopefully you will all have a peaceful Christmas break that is filled with kindness!

Mrs Mitchell